Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Problem Solved

For months, we've been dealing with what was initially thought to be a bee sting.... and then just unidentifiable lameness.

After calling 20 clinics, I found someplace that does not the 3dx, but the 4dx snap test. And on one hand, that wasn't ultimately necessary, Griffin has Lyme disease, which both test for.

Interestingly, friends and his breeder and family... who all live in very different areas... initially thought of this. And if our vets here had been on top of it, he could have been treated months earlier.

We had a really great vet experience. My only complaint is that I wanted Griffin muzzled and they didn't want to. With Blaze I would have insisted, but with Griffin it would take a lot for him to bite. Griffin really is not happy about restraint after all of his recent experiences. In his April appt, he was great, but too much has happened since then. The vets realized the restrained resulted in an adorable bucking dog...so they tied him to the wall and just pet his head. And it all went much better. I wasn't surprised at Griffin's response. But I was very surprised with their ability to problem solve and the willingness to do a blood draw in a not so restrained dog!

Months later and hundreds of dollars later, and a lot of concern later..... all should be well! Moral of the story? Vets (and dog owners!) here underestimate the prevalence and symptoms of tick diseases.


Urban canines said...

Glad to here you finally have answers and a recovery plan now.
I also wanted to let you know we love following your blog and we have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award http://urbancanines.blogspot.com/2010/08/versatile-blogger-award-thanks-murphy.html . See our post today for details and thank you for posting such wonderful blog entries.

Karin said...

Yeah!!! So Glad that you finally found out what is wrong with Griff:)