Saturday, August 14, 2010

Workshop Preparations

We're running quite a few workshops at PosiDog this summer/fall. This month we had Flyball and Tug. Next month we have Tug, Tricks, and Advanced Obedience Skills.

In an effort to not do cleaning today, I started the outlines for my sessions (Tricks and Adv. Obed). I did the tricks last fall and will do some of the same things and have some modifications.

I'm considering adding video due to poor Griffin not yet being fully trained in the skill of "Demo dog." I'll need to either get a new camera, find mine, or borrow one. We'll give one last car-cleaning tomorrow and then I'll give up hope on finding it.

The obedience one will be especially fun, we ran some of the activities during 4-H camp in June. But it's also the workshop that is less likely to fill, given our client base and their interests. Obedience is FUN!

Tricks workshop will be about different types of tricks (motion, position, props, nose and foot) and the other factors to consider (props, cues, discrimination). Fairly straightforward. It's a balance of providing new and fun and challenging things for those signing up, but also a lot of successes early on without compromising good training skills.

Here's one of Luna's many tricks!

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