Sunday, August 22, 2010

More on the DOR and Training Group II

I took drop videos yesterday with a borrowed camera. And then found all the clips jumpy. I had used time lapse video!

Watching youtube obedience videos of high level competitors has shown me that there are a variety of acceptable performances and I've yet to see any common themes.

Today we met with our second training group. I took all the dogs and was able to get a bit done.

What went well:
- Blaze will follow a track laid by other people.
- Luna was able to give good attention for a prolonged period of time.
- Griffin tugged in public (and growled!), very enthusiastic. He had duration of heeling.

What did not go well:
- Blaze tracking across pavement
- Luna immediately responding to name when cued
- Griffin did not like the tug as a reinforcer.
- Griffin heeling on outside turns was very very poor.

We'll work on those parts and wee what happens next time we're out for training. I didn't want to repeat lacking elements too many times, it's stuff we can work on at home and not need the extra hands.

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