Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Dog Books

I think I should start doing some sorta book review, given my love of dog books. Yet again I went to the used book store and come home with stuff...

A Mary Ray freestyle book...I wouldn't normally buy this...but it was $5! And I very much respect her as a dog trainer. I hope I get some good training ideas for classes or the tricks workshop, even with it being a very condensed version of her training.

The Alexandra Horowitz book that I admit I haven't read yet, Inside of a Dog. It was $6!

I've enjoyed parts of Brenda Aloff's other books. She uses more pressure and punishment than I care to... but.. Get Connected with Your Dog, $10! Perfect condition. With the DVD. How could I NOT buy it?

And then... I also have a love for Old Dog Books.

The Complete Dog Training Manual by Bruce Sessions (1978) (...which I guess isn't THAT old... but... compared to where dog training is today!)

Training Your Retriever by James Free...seventh edition 1977 (the first was 1949!). I can't wait to read about what's the same as today and how the sport has changed since the addition of fancy ecollars and changes to tests and to the types of dogs.

And the Pearsall Guide to successful dog training (1980).

All in very good condition. I think there was a problem with my payment. And there's a sale next week... I think I'll have to go back...there were a few things I resisted purchasing...

Horray for reading!

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