Saturday, December 4, 2010

Training Plan: Front Leg Lift Duration: Video

Last night, Megan and I talked about leg lifts. Bailey has front leg lefts with duration. Griffin has back leg lifts with duration. And we both didn't know how to train the other one!

We spent a while talking about our training plans and I actually put it into action today.

Griffin is learning to do a front leg lift with duration, and Luna to do hind leg lifts with duration.

Final behavior: Indicated front leg is held up until cued to put it back to the ground. Ideally at least 30 seconds.

What we have now: Either front leg can be lifted on verbal cue of Foot. Left leg will be lifted on a visual cue. He does actually offer an untrained duration leg lift when he is expecting a reinforcer, esp after giving an item. I've worked to decrease that because it's usually NOT wanted!

- Get offered leg lifts at all, reinforce for the raising foot. I may cue it 3-5 times before getting it offered. It's a behavior fairly well on stimulus control.
- If foot is held up longer than 'average', reinforce.
- Or if the duration is all about the same... click for the second leg lift and then the first for a few reps and then second....
- Add duration up to about 8 seconds.
- After the 8 seconds, cue sit or stand. Reinforce for complying. This will be our release/stop of the leg lift.


Megan said...

I neglected to work on a rear leg lift today and instead worked on duration of front leg (and I'm trying to motivate myself to put each leg on a different cue... rather than actually teach modifier cues). Tonight though, I will work on rear leg lifts.

I'm excited for video!

Kristen said...

I'm kind of disappointed in the video. It makes it look too easy.... I wish I could see YOUR video!

Robin Sallie said...

I am very interested in how you both are training this one.