Thursday, August 12, 2010

Responsible dog owners

We all know the things that Responsible Dog Owners should do. We need to clean up after our dogs, be sure of good manners in public, keep our dogs quiet and under control, have our dogs healthy....

But a much-overlooked part of responsible dog ownership is "Education."

When someone asks to pet your dog,and especially if it's kids, get them to pat your dog on the shoulder, not the top of the head.

When people make incorrect or inappropriate remarks about your dog, politely, quickly comment. "Yes he's a xyz. Yes they can be great dogs. Many people don't realize this."

And if someone doesn't clean up after his or her dog...offer a bag.

My family just got back from a vacation. Their first comments had to do with how "dumb" dog people are. While at the beach "a million" dogs were running around off leash. To which I thought "Yes...that's what dogs do!" But the problem was more that dogs were eliminating everywhere. And owners were not cleaning up. And dogs were peeing on the beach-goers picnic supplies and towels. And I have no excuses for that.

I'm really glad to know there are beaches were dogs are allowed off leash. I'm just sad it might not be that way much longer!

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