Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tracking Fun

Our friend Megan is very enthusiastic about tracking. And she teaches tracking at 4H Camp. I'm supervising and feeding and don't get to learn about tracking. But I've picked up a little from the campers and reading online. She gave me a lesson after camp last year and mailed me a book to borrow.

Every few months I halfheartedly try with Griffin. And it doesn't go well.

But this week something changed. For the first time ever, he sniffed the ground as he went. I could tell he was working! And the next day it went better than usual but not quite as great. Third day? Wow! He was pulling and head down as soon as we left the house (10 steps from the track start. I'm lazy!). And he skipped the first few food drops, going right over the line. Very soon he got to his first corner. And followed it. And his second. I was so proud!

So the question is... what's the difference from this week and last month? I think it's all of our retrieve work. In an effort to be silly with our retrieve, I've been hiding the retrieve items around the house....and ask for him to find it. He sniffs it out, mouth closed, focused. It's quite adorable!

1 comment:

Megan said...

Aww, Blazer! He was crazy fun.

I love tracking like you love obedience. :)