Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of the 4-H year

In many ways I want to say "finally!" but on the other hand I'm going to really miss working with the kids every week!

I'm absolutely amazed at how well the dogs were. They've been working since February/March, mostly in the elem. school "multipurpose room" or in the back parking lot and at home. We had one fun show at a local quiet part. Most of the dogs had never been in an environment with so many people and so many dogs. And they did SO well with it. I just don't get how these kids are getting the dogs so focused and responsive in that environment without all the training (and excuses) the rest of us have! (not to say everything was perfect or all teams do well...but very few dogs seem distressed by the environment!).

Fair yesterday went pretty well. Everyone was in the right class. Everyone was able to get through the ring experiences without any real disasters. I learned some things to better prepare for next year.

We had five 'first year' members this year, which is not typical at all (well, we started with seven, now are down to 5). ALL are super enthusiastic and ALL have super enthusiastic and helpful parents!

And now for the results.... 2/3 of the entries were placements! And we had three firsts! But ahem, those aren't the most important parts... the kids learned a ton and I hope to get most of them ready to do obedience next year, not just the showmanship and "dog care."

The other cool news is next year we'll have Rally at our fair and possibly agility! It's about time! Many counties (and with MUCH smaller entry numbers!) are offering those at the county level.

Camera is still missing... I have hope it will turn up... but that's decreasing...

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