Friday, May 28, 2010

Limping Dog

So, of course after I get really super serious about training. Something has to happen. I could say that Griff got hurt while going through brush to get a bird. Or that he mis-stepped before a jump. Or that he was trying to save the cat. But no. I took the dogs out (on leash) to pee. And when we came in, he was limping.

We camped out last night and he was cuddling with me all night... other than the time he got up for water and "came back really snuggly." And then I saw him whinning to go out. Luna had taken his spot and no wonder he was all curled up rather than stretched! Very different sleeping styles. Blaze had to be problematic too. He spent most of the night chewing his bone, but at one point I checked on him. I poked him. He didn't move. I picked up his head a few inches, and he crashed back to the ground, just like a dead dog would. "HEY! WAKE UP?" "I"M AWAKE!". He had a hard night. The bulls were moved to the pasture behind the shed and a few times he had to go bark out the window to protect us.

An hour until our vet appt. Impatiently waiting.... and... I have to admit I'm annoyed this didn't happen 4 weeks later... if we have to xray him it would have been VERY convenient to get his OFA xrays done at the same time as foot/leg/knee looking... But no.... I don't get that lucky.

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