Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ClickerExpo 2011

When the eastern location was mentioned a couple weeks ago, friends were all set to go. I was not. Chicago is kind of far from Ohio. I went there for a TagTeach seminar. It's a very expensive place to travel to. The driving part was not fun. Training friends convinced me it could be do-able. But after going 3 times already, I don't know that I gain enough knowledge for the money spent...

But today the schedule became available. And as usual there are time slots where I REALLY REALLY want to be two places at once.

And. I'm probably going. And probably taking a dog. Cecilie Koste is amazing. Due to a presentation she gave a few years ago I very much wanted to do obedience. And I took the advice given (they warned it wasn't the most appropriate to give..but needed saying) and got a dog specifically for obedience as I really wanted to do very well. And now I have Griffin. And using those three hours of presentation has been a bit of challenge. But it's a giant part of how I do a lot of my training and especially competition obedience

Pretty silly, but it was really one of the best training moments since I started to understand clicker training.

Mark off your calendars... and start saving your dollars.

Griffin on the way home from KY ClickerExpo 2010


Crystal said...

I've never gone, so when I heard it'd be in Chicago (7ish hours from me), I knew I'd be there. I already have the time off from work! LET'S MEET!!!

Okay, now I'm gonna go check out the schedule; I haven't seen it yet.

Crystal said...

Okay, I haven't gotten further than the first session, and there's like three I want to go to. THIS IS GOING TO BE IMPOSSIBLE TO CHOOOOOOOOOOSE.

Kristen said...

Can't wait to see you there!

And it's not TOO bad... we can all go to different sessions and share!

Crystal said...

Is there going to be enough of us? CUZ I WANT TO GO TO THEM ALLLLLL.

Actually, I have a pretty good feel for what I'll go to. Won't decide for sure until I see all the descriptions, but I'm all over anything aggression/reactivity related.

Megan said...

Crystal--care to carpool?

Kristen--are Abigail and Karin going? Or Sarah and Chad?

I'll be there, sans dog, but there!

Crystal said...

Megan, I'd love to carpool! Let's chat more when it gets closer! :)