Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Aggressive Dog

In the mail today I got two interesting things. One was a postcard from our new vet, a "thank you" sort of thing, on which they had handwritten a comment.

The other was a (as requested) CD showing the xrays taken by the orthopedic vet. They also sent along the medical history paper.

In the comments section there is a piece about his behavior. "The dog does not have good behavior either. He is extremely aggressive once the physical examination starts. This does not help the location of the problem."

The vets and techs were seriously afraid of Griffin. One should be cautious around a growling dog, especially if you don't know the dog. But on the other hand, what kind of behavior do you expect if you're saying "Does this hurt?"

I've found it interesting that the specialist was afraid of him ("He's nice if you pet his head.") but that our new vet was okay with the large amount of growling and not personally bothered by it.

Unfortunately I think the techs may have been too rough with him at the specialty clinic... I wont' make that mistake again!

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