Thursday, December 23, 2010

Griffin's Night at Competition Obedience Class

In the afternoon we had training group, and per the new plan, let him in the back yard for 2 minutes (he rolled around and lifted his leg on a few spots). And then back inside. He ran off to the door only once and that was when his ball went over there.

We did some agility and some obedience, he was pretty good though the flyball has started a few habits that we might need to change. He's powering down any line of jumps towards a tunnel without responding to my cues. But in other set ups he's doing well and even then we can fake it with exaggerated cues.

And then we drove half an hour north to our first competition obedience class! It was somewhat like run throughs, there were a few group parts where the instructor would call out what to be doing, and then we did some individual work and then group stays.

Initially: Poor focus, checking out things on the floor. I'd pause and wait for him to respond and reinforce. This got better the longer we were in class.
Set ups: Needed more help than he should have. I shouldn't have had to help him at all. If we heeled underneath ornaments hanging from the ceiling he would think vertical thoughts. It was pretty silly.
About Turns: He had trouble if he saw something else going on but was otherwise tight.
Fig 8: Wider than he is on straight lines, but still very reasonable. I think we will tighten this up
Stand for Exam: His 'judge' walked past him 3 times, no movement, one with a pause next to him. No movement but a few tail wags. Second turn, he did a little figiting on approach but if I left him, he would stay still while she walked past. Next 3 reps were good.
Recall: First one was about 10 feet, dropped leash. Very good. Second one was leash off and 20ish feet. Slightly crooked front. But very slight.
Dumbbell: I had someone hold his leash, I dropped the dumbbell about 10' away and then went 10' past. I called, he picked it up and came to me. We repeated 3 times, his speed improved. We've done harder variations at training group, but I wasn't about to push him too much in this class.
Retrieve over jump: I wasn't going to try it though he probably would have. I had him hold while I went to the other side and called. First one he was holding it POORLY...but did not figit! and somehow made it over the jump and to front. The next two tries he went around, so I did it without the dummbell and he HURRIED to me!
Stays: I stayed away from the group, they're way more advanced. I fed as often as needed. Stays need a lot of work. He stayed while people walked past but duration was poor and he got figity.

I hope we're able to somehow go back but I definitely know what our weak places in training are.

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