Sunday, December 5, 2010

Front Leg Lift Duration II: Video

First part is here.

Session 3:
Today was not as pretty. Session one had a lot of incorrect offered behaviors and a very low rate of reinforcement (ROR), 13 clicks in 2.5 minutes. But, more relevant with duration behaviors... the training was not flowing well, after one response he was NOT giving another right away. We got a lot of other behaviors for a period of time and then paw swipes rather than holds.
You will see a lot of freezes... that is offered stillness not 'non responses'. He's really good at offering stillness, especially with his head. The tail is usually a give away from times where he's not responding and where he is offering stillness.

Session 4: Much better!
15 clicks in 65 seconds. Sometimes I would click 2-3 times before his foot went back to the ground! We have duration.
From where we left off on Session 3 (...maybe 1-2 seconds), to Session 4 was a HUGE leap. The start of Session 4 is on the video, right after I get him in position, the video starts.

And of course, we worked on this after looking at the AKC obed and agility invitational results for Friday/Saturday. We should be working on those skills...not foot lifts and leg lifts.


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

you going to teach him to limp now?!

Kristen said...

Maybe if we ever get enough duration!