Thursday, December 23, 2010

Griffin in Beginner Agility Class V: How I was reinforced for going to class

All day I deliberated on going to agility class. Only one night left. Griffin had been bad. I didn't want him practicing more bad behaviors. He had already had good training. It was a long drive. Was it really worth it. I'd have to be taking the long drive up there the next night too. I took my warm clothes to our afternoon training just in case I decided to go. And then I realized I left them at home. And then I found them in the back. And then I was going to go home. And then I was going to ask Megan what to do. But she was at work. And the car ended up deciding to go. So we did and got there just in time.

It was a good choice, only one other dog there. We did a lot of contacts. Griffin was tired. I had used up all my food reinforcers. I had two handfuls of (my!) goldfish crackers. 3/4 cup of kibble. 3tbs of cream cheese. And toys. And cans of food. But no spoon. And I can't use that with gloves. And I didn't have paper towels for that was literally going to be emergency use only.

But we survived. And did very well. Griffin ran off and surprisingly tried to play with the other dog (who wanted to play too but was intimidated!). Dogwalk contacts were lacking. I found out that the color markers are for whatever org has a smaller contact zone, so that's part of the problem, but he was definitely leaping. Aframe was scary good. Every. Single. One. Very low, and springing off from there. We used the frisbee and my toss was so good and my timing was not. I hit him in the head as he bursted away. His teeters were good too. I think he could be a bit faster.

But then after, I talked to one of the instructors about running contacts and we might be trying to get together to help each other. That would be great as it's way easier than with one person. We went from no training opportunities to a lot very quickly. I don't want January to come...I don't know how I'll manage to train my dog between everything else!

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