Wednesday, December 22, 2010

8th day of training (Practicing works)

It's our 8th* day in a row of training group/classes, with two today and two tomorrow and then nothing until Sunday. And my dog is doing better. Amazing! Practicing works!

Things of note:
Sunday Flyball:
Griffin got to run/work a bit before class. And I probably ran him too much. He did his running-to-the-back-door then, as well as jumping-over-barriers. But he also was too tired to run fast or play with toys during the actual practice. Someone else held him while I helped another dog and Griffin was adorable, offering rolling over and wiggling and at least one fake bark was reinforced. I cheated and stayed in the recall/jump stations the whole time and didn't do any box work.
Monday Advanced Agility:
Only one student came, so Griffin got to come and play. During the parts where I was teaching, he was really wanting to come to me. And when it was his turn to run, he would then want to run to the back door. He would run past dogs and people to get there though!) Apparently he saw me as the way to get to the door? He did a little work but I always kept him running away from the door.
Tuesday Agility:
We had an agility time slot with a few other trainers. I had a plan. And didn't stick to it. Next time I'll write it down. By the last working time Griffin was behaving better. He was very interested in the new person and unusually interested in her dog (a keeshond). I don't think he recognized "dog", he was giving exaggerated wiggles and other signals, just like he does to non-dog animals.
Tuesday Manners: Two dogs in class, one person is a trainer and had her own plan, the other is very advanced. So Griffin came out and for half the class we did CGC type pass bys, Walking closer and closer to a staying dog, running past staying dog, being the staying dog, and walking in circles around a staying dog (as well as being the staying dog). Both dogs were amazing, and trying VERY hard to not look at the other. At times they were actively moving away. It was adorable. Now we just need to repeat this about a hundred more times. We did a TON of this when Griffin was in a puppy and I was teaching at the groom shop. But since then... not so much. The benefits and drawbacks of having real group classes.

And then when it was time to go home last night, Griffin pretty much was asleep as he came out of his crate. He still tried to work, but we could see him blinking and moving like he had just woken up.

Today: Training group and our last agility class in the session, tomorrow a comp obed class (last in that session, they're nice and are letting me drop in!)

*I tried to spell that and it did not work. Eight. So. Eigthth? Doesn't look right.

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