Friday, December 31, 2010

Biking with Dogs

It was a tropical 50* today. And with our inch of snow melting, everything was very, very muddy.

I took Blaze and Luna to go biking, one at a time. The bikejor tugline was nowhere to be found (maybe in the still-being-repaired-new-used-van-that-I-haven't-seen-in-months?). We took Blaze for about 10 minutes of trotting next to the bike, and Luna for twenty.

When Blaze was younger I wished I could exercise him by bike but it just wasn't safe. Now that he's a senior and has had way more training he's not likely to bolt off and I can keep up with him quite well. But he was wanting to go faster!

Luna was great and very happy. Her tail was up the whole time as she trotted along. When we would see approaching people, I would get off and prop the bike on a tree while feeding Luna for attention, calm, and looking at the other dogs.

She's so happy. And I was definitely not taking a video while riding a bike while holding a leashed dog. That would be dangerous. You do not hear long clicky nails. You do not see her oily neck where she spilled fish oil on herself. I did wear a helmet.

Tomorrow Griffin and I will be visiting an agility trial.

Blaze had three seizures this week. If there's another one, we'll be going to the vet for meds. Once in his crate at nice, once in the car, and once while training in the house. Now I know...that if he has an object and has a seizure...he still won't let go. It wasn't until about twenty minutes later that he finally dropped the sock.


Crystal said...

I'm sorry. I can't get past your first sentence. It's -20 with windchill today.

Crystal said...

Okay, I'm (mostly) over it... sorry to hear about Blaze's seizures. :(