Thursday, December 30, 2010

Timing Challenge

We did more contact training yesterday. I intended to do distraction training with dogwalk, but he was flying off the end. There are a handful of causes:

1) He really really really doesn't know it.
2) We were using a toy and the last MANY sessions were using food.
3) He was sitting in the car for a really long time before training
4) It was the first thing we worked on.

And really 2-4 show that he doesn't get it. But they are also variables we haven't incorporated into the training yet.

We did Aframe with distractions and later went back to just reinforcing dogwalk.

I put my camera on a different setting than earlier in the week and tried placing it at a few different angles.

Here's a video from the side. Can you click as he's going down and his back feet are apart, landing separately, NOT landing together?

The first part repeats a few times and then the clips are all played at half and quarter speed. It seemed really hard yesterday but a lot easier now!


Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Can you get any video of him doing the entire dogwalk (or from wherever point on it you're starting him from)? It'd be nice to see his striding. Also would be nice to get a little bit more room of the end so I could see if his head was lifting up.

Fingers crossed that he was just having a bad day and that you don't need to go back any steps. Running contacts can be so frustrating!

Kristen said...

We'll have to get some of that... in the past videos of the whole thing can show striding but aren't clear enough to get any specifics about foot more of the camera-end-placement recently. Head is going up.