Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enthusiasm for 2011

In the last few years I haven't done as much 'continued education' activities as I had in the past. There are more seminars and events and good speakers than ever, but there's always this balance of time and money and knowledge to be gained. For a while, I wasn't getting out of the events. I always learn something, but, it wasn't always worth the time and money. And that was sad because I really like learning new and exciting things.

But next year! Will be busy. I've known about some of these for a while, but now that it's all much more official... With vet conference in February, ClickerExpo in March and if I add in 4H camp (always an educational experience!) and my week helping at the state fair dog show in August... that's something big every single month until September. I'm tired just thinking about it. But the really exciting thing about the PosiDog events are that most are brand new seminars that haven't been done before and some are from presenters who haven't done very much presenting here. New topics and information!

How am I supposed to train my dogs and compete and plan around all of this! There's a few other events I would love to go to too... some positive field seminars that just got announced in WI and Deb Gross Saunders in OH next month

For the past few days, instead of finishing work that needs to be done, I've been pulling out all of my competition obedience training plans and trying to figure out which ones were the best, how to improve other ones, which things my dogs still need to learn, and how to train everything to more precision, more speed, and in a shorter period of time. I love obedience.

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