Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow and OFA's

We went in for Griffin's OFA appointment today. And then found out it was moved to tomorrow so that I can be there. Huge thanks for moving it. Not so much for the not-telling-me part. That also means Griffin can't do training tomorrow morning unless he's eager enough to work for his toy. But we'll do what we can.

So while we're here with our 3" of snow that makes the GreatWhiteNorth laugh... I've doen a lot of cleaning. And it's amazing what I find. Old training plans! Seminar notes from 5-6 years ago! My KPA notes! Activities and lesson plans! Score sheets and course maps!

That's a stack of lesson plans and training notes and trial results. Literally almost 3' high. Probably 70+ notebooks! And I can't bear to get rid of them. If I had all my computer training notes the stack would probably be ten times higher. Luckily (and not) my computers die every 5 years and not a lot survives each time....

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