Friday, September 17, 2010

Training Group: Stand for Exam

Griffin is a very friendly golden retriever. He likes people. He really likes it when people look at him. And he is super happy when people touch him. He wiggles and moves closer.

So... the stand for exam is just as much of a challenge as it is for my scared dog Luna.

We've worked enough at home that I'm able to do an exam and he will stand still. But it's another story for others to touch him.

1) Pass bys: Someone else walked past. I clicked at the closest point for a still dog. I fed in position
2) Petting: Our helper would stand close to Griffin. Touch on the shoulder. I clicked for still, and I fed in position. The extent of touch was increased
3) Sniffing: Our helper held out a hand. Griffin was clicked for still, I fed in position. This was the hardest piece. We started with the hand further away but Griffin would move to sticky-touch. When the training plan changed to the hand poking him, it went MUCH faster and within 10-15 repetitions the hand could be held anywhere. The one time he moved drastically, it was -away- from the hand!

And after all those parts, we put it together and he did very well. Now we still have to practice with other people he knows and work up to complete strangers, but.... we have a very solid start!

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