Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Competition Obedience Pieces

As usual, we spend our Weds PM in a CGC class. Griffin and I work on competition obedience behaviors off in a corner.

Today, I had 100% attention. Even during the restrained recalls when he was held by a human friend. And in fact, he didn't want to go near her. She happened to be standing in a corner where the flyball box was and he would jump into his agility "2on2off" position. It was adorable.

Focus is the most important thing. And we had it! But we also were missing a few other pieces:

-Paws even after Finishes. Griffin likes to sit with his right paw out a few inches from the left. Not cool. It's not maintaining his tucked sit. So... we went back and worked on a tucked Sit. I did a bit of luring (gasp!) and would click him for moving his back feet forward. Soon he was tucking properly in front of me. We need some more work on this, I think he got sloppy while were dealing with the Lyme. This will need more work to fix and be reliable, but also as we get him back into proper working condition, all should be well.
- Sit Stays when he wants to lie down. One one hand, "Horray! Dog wants to relax!" and on the other "eeep! We've not had this before!" We had two Downs and then I got on top of a high ROR to keep him where he should be. Within 4 minutes we were going a minute between reinforcement. Note to self to practice more when he's tired!
- Stand for exam: There's a right foot twitch when I get into position. We practiced with physical pushing and me moving into personal space. Clicking for "dog still." and reinforcing. We'll do more to be sure the foot is still.

It was a good session and earlier we got about 18/20 aframe contacts. And had a great time with a-frame and tunnel discriminations. He was occasionally taking the Aframe when Tunnel was cued... but first session on this. We'll get better!

More adorable puppy Griffin!

Tomorrow Griffin and I have our first agility lessons in months... with someone we've not met before. And we'll play with a bunch of our new toys!

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