Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Puzzle Toy

I've been admiring the Nina Ottosson puzzle toys for a few years, but I just haven't brought myself to making the purchase.

When making an important order from, I saw this puzzle toy and even if it wouldn't last as fell into the shopping cart.

We LOVE it. The dogs ALL want a turn! It's adorable! And I like it too.

No, it's not something we'll use every day. I'll probably give everyone a turn a few times a week.

Great things:
- Cost
- Dogs like it!
- A great way to test out puzzle toys before getting the more expensive and hardy toys.
- Does not scratch easily

Not so great things:
- Hard to clean. I'm worried about washing it and getting the wood wet. It is sealed but doesn't seem to be the strongest.
- Durability concerns long term
- It made me want to buy more puzzle toys.

The dogs all used their noses to find the uncovered treats, but then wanted to paw at the other sections to make the circles open up. I set it on a chair for Blaze (to avoid the paws!) and with the others I was sure nothing happened for pawing and treats were dropped on top when nosing happened.

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