Thursday, September 2, 2010

Misunderstanding Dogs

Dogs being dogs...

Sometimes I get very sad when I hear about dogs being dogs and people just not understanding.

Puppies that get crated for zooming around.
Puppies getting whapped or having muzzles grabbed for being mouthy.
Dogs in a household not being allowed to play-wrestle.
Dogs not being allowed to chase each other.
Dogs only getting super hard and boring toys. No variety.
Dogs not being able to run.

Yes, there are appropriate reasons for all of the above. I can definitely understand why some families don't allow the above. Or why people may think these are bad ideas. I can be understanding!

It makes me sad to hear about puppies and young dogs especially, who can't do normal doggy things.

All said, I'll be putting in more of an effort for more dog-activity time.

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