Thursday, September 2, 2010

More curriculum planning

After the discussion a few months ago, I've made many changes to our basic and agility classes.

Again, we're looking at additional changes and what classes to add to the schedule. We've had a few requests, like the "On leash agility." On Leash Agility is starting in two weeks, I'm very much looking forward to it. I've met a handful of the students already, either in previous classes or because I was present for their 'testing' date. Students do have to test into the class. Their dog should be able to eat, focus, and do work while another dog is working in the room. All the dogs are separated with solid (but not stable) barriers and they will be working on leash. Being able to eat and focus sets the teams up to succeed and have a good time. Dogs who are too overwhelmed by the presence of other dogs may be more appropriate for a basic class (again, with barriers) with less motion or in leash reactivity class.

If you were to be in any type of class, what would you want? I would love to work my dogs in a competition obedience class... or a class focusing on precise behaviors. During CGC class last night, I was working Griffin on our own behaviors...and we did a lot of using play and toys and petting as reinforcers, measuring to be sure it was actually reinforcing. He remained engaged and kept wanting more... our petting training has transfered to a reinforcer in a controlled classroom setting! Horray!

Luna would benefit from a shy dog class, specifically working on 'brave dog games' and good interactions with people. It also might be interesting to be in a class where I had someone working Griffin and they were doing behaviors near each other and occasionally together.

Blaze... well.. Blaze wants tracking class, but would benefit from just about anything. I don't know that a CU type class would make a big difference for him, but it would be more helpful than a rambunctious type class!

The dogs forced me to order more chews and toys today. They're so manipulative! We needed the stuff...and it was on a really good price...and other places weren't carrying it... What will they make me do next?!

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