Friday, September 10, 2010

Cow Hoof Party

Megan introduced us to cow hooves. I bought a few at the pet store. $1 each. Not too bad. But the dogs liked them. REALLY liked them. We went through one per dog per week. And they made me buy more. I couldn't not buy them!

So... we found some online and on sale and bought a lot. It was a good price...supposedly a quality product. And now I have super happy dogs:

We tried to get a group Sit-Staying photo with the giant boxes. But Luna was guarding the boxes so Griffin wouldn't come near

So I gave up on that and watched the dogs grab hooves, chew for a few seconds, grab another. Steal abandoned hooves. And take all finds back to their individual stations.

I was surprised no one hovered right over the box or even tried to guard it... the plan was "snatch a hoof and leave" for every dog!


Megan said...

Your video is wonderful. I'm happy they love the cow hooves... mine have transitioned to beef ribs now. :-)

Luna especially is hilarious!

Kristen said...

Luna loves her cow hooves. The boxes are on a low bench. She chewed a hole in the bottom to free the hooves....