Friday, September 17, 2010

Griffn's Wednesday class

Griffin and I are in a Wednesday CGC class at PosiDog. We somewhat do the group exercise, but also work on our own things in a group environment.

Stays: I still need to do a post about all of our stay training. We were doing 1+ minute Sit-Stays with me 6ft away and 30 second stays with me 20 steps away. He was NOT getting up and NOT lying down. He had a very happy face.

Go Outs: Again, we have a big training plan for this and I'm conflicted on teaching it one way only or doing a few different things. I sent him out to a clip, out to a wall and out to a chair. He was heading out FAST.

Rolling Over: We progressed to me partially standing and the behavior still offered. It's adorable!

The "Reaction to a Neutral Dog" CGC exercise. We were paired with a young BC on his 5th week of class. His owners had adopted him a week or so before starting class and WOW has he progressed! Griffin was ADORABLE and gave a halfhearted glance towards the people, but kept his focus on me. We were parallel walking with the team and did some pace changes and the different kinds of 180* turns. Maybe we'll be ready for an APDT rally trial at the end of Oct? We couldn't get too close as the other team is just learning this exercise, but I was very happy with Griffin's performance.

Heeling: Very nice duration. Great outside turns. Maintaining position very well.

Tuck Sits: Many repetitions on clicking for tucking his feet properly (bringing the rear feet to the front).

Next week I should write a few notes before class so that I'm prepared with what we really need to work on.

I ordered a new camera...and it'll be here next week! I've VERY missed having a camera!

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