Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New terms

I learned something new today!

Sometimes we get a stimulus-response-consequence that becomes very strong. And if food is available earlier in the sequence, the learner will still complete the behavior before eating.

My best dog example: Griffin and his dumbbell.

Griffin knows that click means get your treat right now. That has been well established since he was 9 weeks old.
Griffin has learned to hold his dumbbell no matter what, until I have him release it.
If I click and then present food, he will not take it if the dumbbell is in his mouth. I have to remove the dumbbell for him to take his food.

[Okay...maybe that's not the best example...since he has been proofed with food?)

And this is somewhat related to the "Protestant Ethic Effect" Our animal will work for food even when food is freely available.

This would be when our dog isn't eating his food, but if we use the same type of food, right there, for training, he will eat in that context. Griffin sometimes does this too.

Blaze has a variation: His food toys.

When I fill the food toys, sometimes the kibbles drop all over the floor. Blaze really likes food but he ignores these falling pieces. He's barking and jumping and excited. I set down the toy and he starts to bat it around and eat all of the food that falls out.

[[ Now the interesting part is there aren't a lot of mentions with either term online... otherwise I would link to official definitions!]]

What are some more examples?

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