Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book 6: Canine Physical Therapy

Dr Debbie Gross Saunders wrote this book. She's known for her numerous articles in CleanRun and some of the other great things she's produced for dog enthusiasts.

This is something I got from the school library to read/flip through. It's not the most entertaining thing to read, but definitely full of information.

My first impression with the book is that it may be getting outdated. It was published in 2002 but a lot has changed since then. Some spelling/wording errors were a bit distracting from the content.

The biggest surprise is that I don't know why there aren't more people offering this type of service for dogs recovering from surgeries, dogs with specific structural problems, and as a preventative measure.

This book definitely made me feel like I should be doing a lot more for my dogs (....ahem.... off to read/watch some of her other materials!) both preventative and to help improve/retain mobility/quality of life with the older dog.

I would pass this on to what types of people...? Anyone who can borrow a copy...or who has interest in this type of work. It's not the best thing for entertainment reading or education reading. There is definitely a need for a good understanding of anatomy first.
Favorite part? The case studies were great. I also really appreciated the way the book was laid out.
Least favorite part: It seems a bit outdated. Some of the information differed from more recent things she has written, there were some exercises that I hadn't heard of before. I don't know if they've just fallen out of favor, if better things have been developed, or why the change.

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