Monday, November 22, 2010

Griffin Flyball: 1

This isn't really session one, we've had informal, less organized practice times. But yesterday was the very official, intended-organized, serious-working, super-focused practiced time.

It's set up so teams come and work for the hour, no formal instruction, but helpers around to help problem solve and everyone is definitely expected to be responsible for employing good training skills without a lot of supervision.

THIS is cool because it means I get to work Griffin. I did have to run and get a bagel for him.. I gave all my cheese to a student in the previous class.

After the not so great agility practice last week, I was especially careful. We did restrained recalls where needed for dogs, right near the working lane, and then we just moved over a few feet to start calling the dogs over the jumps to start that back chaining process. We'd work the dogs for just a few reps and switch off.

Griffin was really great. One time after he got his reinforcer he ran off... to the back. And pushed open the HEAVY door. And left. It's a fenced potty yard, so he wasn't in danger, but he was very reinforced for his escape.

His next turn. I didn't want to let him loose. We thought about other options. And blocked off the lane so he couldn't go anywhere. So he pushed down the barriers and then ran off to the back door. So we sat out.

Box-working time for a while. One dog was having his first time on the box and very quickly he was giving his 2o2o. And then we added a go-around pole in front of it. And now he's going around the pole, into a 2o2o and coming back.

None of us are experienced at flyball, we're relying on reading and the instruction of our workshop presenter a couple months ago. But...we were all impressed with what we saw! Griffin wasn't quite as amazing as that dog. But he was working well and stayed engaged with me.

We did another session with the jumps, and he was good for his restrained recalls. I could tell he wouldn't we let him off leash and not only was he doing really well but he was turning towards me at the end and responding to all the cues he should.

He did well... for next week I need to NOT LET HIM GO unless I'm SURE he'll stay with me. No silly barrier blockades. I should try more tugging. And use a higher ROR initially. He went from lunging and wanting to chase the other dog to lying while the dog ran 5' away... but it will be several weeks before we can start parallel recalls.

And to our decisions... I NEED TO DECIDE TODAY. And I don't know what to do!

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Kristine said...

I love flyball. We just finished a six week course a little while ago and I was so disappointed the next level won't be available until January. Agility is our cerebral training and flyball is just for fun. Just being in the room with all that dog energy bouncing every where is a great experience. Though Shiva has a similar problem as Griffin... She likes to run a little too much.

Good luck with the choice!