Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Griffin: Agility Lesson #2

Griffin and I were finally able to get to another private. It was only...about two months since the last. My intent was 2 weeks in between. But we DID practice between!

What did I find out?

- Griffin got (...I think?) all his contacts. Including the first time. 1/3 were higher than my critera.
- He worked for his toy for part of the lesson. I think it's easier for him to use his toy when there are other dogs around.
- He still is wandering off more than is desirable at times. But about 1/3 of the times it would be when I sent him off to an obstacle and he just went...away.
- Obstacle focus is still lacking. A lot.
- Contact obstacles should be put into sequence.

And what will we work on?
- Recall. I've probably said before... but he doesn't really have a recall. He has a whistle recall. And a verbal recall word. But that "Don't call unless you're sure he will come" thing...has been taken a little too far. If I don't use it...he can't fail to respond. The only problem there... is that I don't have a verbal recall to actually use. Ahem.
- Contact obstacles in sequence. Yesterday we did that for, mostly, the first time. And he was okay for some, on others he was running off and looking for his reinforcer at the end.
- I need to practice with me ahead of Griffin on contacts.
- I need to practice being closer to the contact obstacles.
- Obstacle focus?

And so our training plan?
- More contact work with all the needed variables
- More adventure walks, etc...
- Working with 1-2 obstacles, using toys tossed ahead as the reinforcer. Add in handler distance.
- Recall. Verbal cue. NOW.
- Get back before it's been 2 months. A few weeks would be more idea.

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