Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book 8: Successful Obedience Handling

There’s a serious problem with this book: It's not very memorable. Every 12-14 months I’m surprised to find the library has a copy. I’m really excited, I get it sent the nearest branch. I read half of it. And then I realize that I’ve read it before. I’ve probably read it four years now.

It’s great but boring, detailed, lots of practical advice for beginners and even those wanting to be sure everything is well understood. It’s easier to read than the AKC obedience rules (though you should read those too…!).

The formatting drives me crazy. There is a main column on each page, and a sidebar. The sidebar will take a sentence and put it in bold. And it’s irritating, didn’t I just read that? Why yes, I did.

I haven’t found it valuable enough to get my own copy. We’ll see how I feel in 14 months when I read it again….

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