Thursday, November 18, 2010

Luna and the Thundershirt

I bought one to give to the shelter, we have a lot of beagles that are not happy about storms. But now storm season is over for a while and I want to hang onto it until spring...I'm afraid it would get lost in the depths of "stuff" there. And the package was cool so I opened it. And then I tried it on Luna. And then I decided to try it in public.

Griffin thought it was so cool for Luna to wear a tug.

We went to walk around a town on the way to agility last week. Halfway through the walk, her tail came up. She was scanning less. But she was still jumpy about people and whuffed at someone 45-60' away. We turned and went the other way.

The next day, I took her to a different place that she had also never been to. Same number of people. And same behavior.

So...the thundershirt didn't make much of a difference at this point of time. She looks a bit silly in it, she's so hairy but is actually a small dog underneath.


Kristine said...

I've wondered a bit about the thunder shirt for my dog's general anxiety, especially on walks. Oddly, she has no difficulties at all with fireworks or thunder. So it's good to hear your thoughts on it.

Luna looks adorable, by the way.

Kristen said...

Luna's the same, she doesn't mind thunder or those sorts of things unless it's very very loud. But she has a lot of anxiety about people. And different things. And different smells. And different anything.

I haven't found it to be more helpful, but we'll use it a few more times at least.