Monday, November 8, 2010

Griffin Scent Articles

We played lesson #3 of scent articles.

A few days ago at #2, Griffin was great. I set out the metal ring. he brought it back. I tossed food out of sight. While he was eating it, I set out the ring again. At one point, he was under a table getting a treat and I said "Findit!" and he closed his mouth and started sniffing for it!

Horray! And then I set out scented, one carefully moved without actually touching it. "FindIt!" And he would sometimes bring one, sometimes other. It seemed like it was more often the scented one.

He definitely learned "FindIt" was about the scent. But he was not going for "The Scent of Kristen" but "The Scent of Metal Rings."

How well trained.

Thanks to Megan, today we set out a variety of items and each rep would set out a new scented item. Sometimes we would put out new unscented items. Sometimes an un-scented item would become scented in a future repetition.

And what happened?

- He 10/12 responses was correct.
- He once retrieved a boot that was several feet from the pile. It was wrong, but I didn't count it as an error.
- Luna stole one of my unscented items.
- Blaze stole an unscented item.
- Griffin did equally well if it was a "new item and scented" and "has been out and was just scented."

We'll do a few more sessions like this and probably present scent in another way or two before going back to a real pile.

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