Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're back in class

Griffin has helped me with classes since he was a puppy. But he hasn't gotten much of a chance to take classes. We did puppy class and a basic training class, a few days at an agility camp last summer and a CGC class over the winter.... we've done lots of informal training with friends and a few privates. But not much in real classes due to our schedules.

This week, everything magically worked out and we got to go to agility class! I've been spoiled by the air conditioning at PosiDog... working in the heat sure was hard.

He did better than I expected, we worked almost the entire hour. I was good and took him outside 4-5 times. Keeping his water bowl outside of the building helped prompt me to get him out and give him a mental break. But otherwise he was inside and working. Either staying, working on moving stands or heeling.

As to actual activities... he was very interested in the other students (dogs and people) and had trouble sticking with me. He got 4/4 contacts (2 were jumps). His teeter behavior was not as strong as in the past and I'm on the fence about going to a 4on like I wanted...we could do running or a 2o2o but the board bouncing made him upset.

Weave poles went well. After our last private we worked very hard up to six straight poles so the 2x2 work ws a bit of a review and went very well even though we were feet from our classmates at the time.

Horray Griffin!

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