Monday, June 7, 2010

Intentional Stance

This was one of the things discussed that I haven't heard before.

Daniel C. Dennet PhD wrote about intentional stances . It's about having beliefs and desires and understanding about beliefs, desires, and intentions of others. The book will be on my summer reading list...I don't know what I'll get all the way through it... but we'll see.

And this is relevant to dogs how? Because dogs don't have a very high level of intentional stance. Many pet owners and even some professionals credit dogs to having thoughts/desires/intentions that require a higher level of intentional stance than we know dogs can have. So, this means that either the intentional stance theories are wrong OR we don't have a good understanding of what dogs are capable of OR dogs aren't really out to get us/do things because they're mad at us/desire to be a pack leader.

And this was presented in a way that easily made point 3 the most likely. I don't have enough of an understanding to argue this as well as Ken McCort could.

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