Friday, June 18, 2010

Basic Skills

Almost all good training comes down to fluency of basic skills.

Today at training we worked on those basic skills. Stay in position while people do silly things. Continue to jump while people do silly things.

And the hardest part for Griffin? It was when people would pretend to put something on the floor. So we'll be setting up more of that.

But his heeling has been beautiful and he probably has stays!


Crystal said...

Oooh, stays are our nemesis.

Actually, anything involving impulse control and/or no movement is our nemesis... not sure if that's because she's impulsive or I find it boring, lol.

Megan said...

Yay Griffin. We'll work on stays when I visit... soon!

Since I don't have any dogs to work (sad face) I'll borrow Luna and be a BIG distraction... eventually!

Kristen said...

Stays are not fun to train. Duration is not fun at all.

Megan: Luna isn't a big distraction for Griffin, but he is for her! You can definitely have her for camp... or you can borrow Griff too.