Sunday, June 20, 2010

Training Plan : Teeter behavior

After our teeter adventure earlier in the week... I made a training plan.

Final behavior: Run across the plank, stop at the end with all feet on, nose touch to the end of the plank.

Training plan:
- Get a duration nose touch behavior.
- Put the target at the end of a plank that says "teeter." Release Griff from up close. Gradually build up distance.
- Increase the height of the teeter
- Work on a few different teeters
- Do 5-10 reps with target, remove it for one... use it for a few more. Repeat this on different days.
- Increase the number of target-less reps.
- Love our performance

Today we took a video clip of our current teeter performance. The camera battery died partway through but we got enough reps to demo what we have.

We've started duration on a target in hand, need to get it on the ground now.

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