Saturday, June 5, 2010

SAR, strawberries, seminar

We've had a lot of excitement this week.

Thursday my visiting puppy went for a SAR evaluation...his prospective home would be doing said work,but before sending him halfway across the country it would be good to see how suited he actually would be for the work. The 'tester' was impressed with the puppy's "drive" and searching... said he lacked focus and was a bit spooky. I saw a very 'normal' drive/searching golden puppy, but for someone used to herding dogs, I'm sure he's used to a different type of working dog!

The home is very interested and so the puppy will be leaving on Tuesday. I'll miss him!

Yesterday we went to training...worked on Dreaded Front Crosses. I think our problem there is not just me being too afraid of being in Griffin's way, but he needs more distance and more obstacle focus. So that'll be our focus for a couple of weeks and we'll see what happens. The biggest "YAY" is that Griff was pretty great crated INSIDE for once. Yes, he was in a separate closed room, but quiet almost the whole time and very happy to go back into the crate.

Today is set up for a dog behavior seminar tomorrow.... might also pick strawberries today if it stops storming.

And tomorrow is the seminar all day. I'm very looking forward to it!

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