Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Quiet House

We have no more puppies. They are both in Canada, one is in her home the other will soon be at his home.

It's very empty without them!

At ClickerExpo someone told a story about how her family did NOT want another dog. She took care of (I think?) 5 dogs belonging to someone else. After they went home...the family was very okay with one more! It sure feels like that.

I got to spend the morning with some genetically really nice golden retrievers. I wish I could spend more time with golden retriever people.

Griffin got to stay at home and there was some sadness....

The rabies papers also stayed at home and I was very sad having to drive back to get them when I was over an hour away. Lesson learned.

Normal life resumes.... and hopefully more training for my silly dogs.

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