Monday, June 7, 2010

Dog Books

I somehow have gone to having three dog books 9 years ago (a golden one and a super tiny general "all about dogs") to having WAY too many. At the moment I'm trying really really hard to not buy a few new ones.

About once a year I'll make a big order from Dogwise. Occasionally I'll order something elsewhere... this year I got a copy of this field training book per breeder recommendation AND free shipping. I've read through a lot of it. I've done 0 exercises from it. I've intended to do more. Maybe tomorrow we'll pull out bumpers.... I got many ideas of obedience (and agility training) from it too. But that's another separate project.

My other book source is a used book chain. I regularly go past three I try to make a point of stopping in now and then. When I worked at a pet supply store a few years ago, it was almost next door to one of these, and I must have spent hundreds on dog books! Sometimes there's stuff that I genuinely want to read. Sometimes there's stuff that's old and interesting. I got a few golden retriever books (in depth...not the "all about your pet golden retriever"). I got some 'classic' training books. Now I just pick up things that are super interesting... a textbook on human-animal bond last week (sheesh.... only one of the four volumes, I want to know where the other three are... but wow that's expensive...I paid less than $8!). Last year I picked up a scent book, originally published in Europe.

I'll admit I haven't finished reading _Agility Right From the Start_ yet, or at least cover to cover. I've read most of it in parts.

i sure wish I still read as much as I used to!

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