Friday, July 2, 2010

"Think" and "Know"

One phrase I've picked up at PosiDog is about always working where you KNOW your dog will be successful and starting at that level, not where you think your dog might be okay.

The same goes for cars. If someone tells you that s/he "thinks" your car will make the trip. Don't drive it. Please.

We left at 3:30 AM this morning to get to Purdue for a 9:00 behavior consult. All was well, we left on time, traffic was NOT a problem even around Indianapolis. But just as we neared the school things were Not Right. The car was hesitant to go. We may have given it a few "motivational pops". It stopped 70' from a parking spot. Oil was fine. Transmission fluid fine. We kicked it a bit more and got it to the space.

The appt. was great, more on that tomorrow.

But then we had to get home. My AAA card did not come. But it is NOT always necessary to have! BUT most AAA tow drivers do NOT want two dogs in the front, let alone dogs visiting from out of state for behavior problems... Ultimately we bought a TON of ice bags, threw those in where the dogs lay, put the dogs in the car...and stressed out as we went as far as the guy could take us. I was on the verge of getting him to pull over so we could get out many times...and thankfully we arrived at our rest stop before I was too upset. The van was MUCH cooler than the outside temperature. Sooo...if your air ever goes out, get a ton of ice and you'll be feeling great. I tried to give the ice bags away but no one wanted any. They quickly melted outside (....but had barely melted in teh car, even with dogs sitting on top?). After a three hour wait there.... my brother arrived to tow us the restof the way home.

I have a lot of car problems. But I'll keep in mind the think/know rule next time I'm off on a trip.

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