Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still Waiting...

We're going back and forth with a different type of professional to see if we can get a diagnosis/treatment plan in place for poor Griffin.

In the meantime he's wanting to run run run. I let him do a little frolic last night at Posidog. We did a lot of tug too and he thought that was great. The part where we talked to a new student and he had to wait was not fun.

Crating went really well, a large chunk of frozen raw meat apparently can keep a dog quiet for 50 minutes, but only 50. That's the length of our classes but it tends to take a bit longer to get everyone out the door.

Our flyball workshop on Sunday is now full. I'm super excited and I think everyone will have a very good time learning how to get dogs to RUN RUN RUN.

I have videos to post and a few half finished posts. But waiting to find out more about Griffin is making me not very productive. I spend a lot of time frantically checking my email and feeling really sick not knowing what's wrong yet. It definitely could be worse! But we're not good at waiting.

To come soon: More on dogs "knowing" cues, setting and looking at goals for basic training teams, state fair excitement, judging preparations... and stay training. Again.

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