Saturday, July 3, 2010

My "Interesting" Dogs

Blaze and Luna both got to go to Purdue yesterday for behavior appts.

Blaze, because he needed a re-check before they felt comfortable trying a new medication.

Luna because she's always been shy and hasn't made a lot/enough/notable progress.

I don't know if it's just busier in summer or if it was a slow day or if everyone just wanted to see Blaze. We had a head behavior tech student and two other tech students. The vet behaviorist, a vet doing her residency, and a vet student. And me. And my friend. And my two dogs.

Blaze was himself, running around and trying to solicit petting from everyone, esploring everything and then trying to get stuff out of the behavior cart. Luna stood near me but was somewhat friends with the tech student, or at least enough to stay near her and get snacks. Blaze ran around with kongs and eating treats. At one point Dr. L asked about tug...I said it was hopeless and very reinforcing and Blaze wouldn't let go... but he could try. So they did. The toy of choice (by Blaze..not what they wanted to use!) was a christmas rope toy. Blaze almost killed it.... the toy kept talking as he'd bite down. It was pretty silly. When we didn't have luck getting him to drop it, Dr. L tied Blaze to the wall. Total tugging time lasted over 15 minutes (without letting go) and he looked sore..... that was problematic later in the day when a stranger was petting him.

We have a new drug, not used in the US much/at all to try out. But first we'll be doing blood work and a ritalin trial (again). None of us really remember what happened previously when we tried this... I should have kept and not lost better notes.

Luna will probably be on fluoxetine or we'll try a specific melatonin product. We've done generic before when I had it for Blaze.... and so either it was a faulty product or just not sufficient enough to help her. She needs a CBC done too.... then we'll start the fluoxetine.

Horray for my silly dogs and hopefully they realize I have a very normal dog at home too! After we get the vetting done, we'll have a stressful few weeks as I try to keep track of everything and everyone and what's going on.

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