Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sad dog

Bee sting #3 is too suspicious. So we went to the vet. And something isn't right... calling specialists and our vet and our dog friends. Hopefully we'll know more in the next week and life can get back to normal.

In the mean time, dog thoughts have been:
- How compulsion is justified by dog people (and why) and what parts are true and what aren't.
- Catching up on reading of dog resources. Popular resources and materials as well as more text-booky ones.
- Middle part of working on our curriculum updates. I know what needs done...I just need to do it.
- Preparing for state fair. I'll be doing some teaching/demos/fun, helping steward, and all sorts of stuff during the dog show activities.
- Preparing for our fun show next week with our club and for a judging assignment in a few weeks.
- Thinking about puppy mouthing. Leash biting. The frustration and distress to new dog owners.

And how I have the best dog friends ever.

But the curriculum updates are really what's driving me crazy. It's so hard to get it right all around.

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