Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Handouts and 90* Days

Thanks for all the comments on handouts and lesson plans and record keeping. Now I'm even more confused about how to do a good job of monitoring progress without spending all my time monitoring.

I think I should get bonus points for making all of my agility students pant and sweat tonight. The people more than the dogs... Seriously! The building is kept air conditioned and VERY cool. More cool than most groceries. It's really comfortable. But everyone was panting and dripping. But these dogs are going to be going FAST!

We had another 90* day here... Griffin had his last agility class of the set ( I think we did 4 weeks, started a week late?). We almost didn't go but decided to be adventurous and try. He did really well! Every exercise beautifully! So of course we had to wait while others made multiple attempts. I try really hard for my students to get equal time...but I completely recognize that it's a challenge. You can't let someone struggle and be sad and frustrated!

By the end he was done and lying next to his bowl and actually refused to get up so I didn't push it, we watched the other groups. He left me 0 times today, despite having a bigger group than before (the golden he LOVES and an aussie and a tiny dog). It was great! Soon we'll be all caught up with our skill level group. Theoretically. Griffin needs a checklist-training-flow-chart.

Tomorrow we'll talk more about the handouts and check sheets. And the next day we'll look at long stays and the training we've been doing on that.

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