Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Measuring Student Progress

Record keeping can be hard with your own dog/s... but this is getting complicated to try and figure out how to keep track of where ~50+ student-dog teams are at any given week.

At this point, I'm going to have two papers per student, one side we go over together and monitor progress and goals and where we are.... and the other is for more handler-skills, notes to me on what we need to be working on, and questions I might want to pose to my training buddies so we can better help the team.

It looks like the agility and rally forms will be a bit longer (lots more skills, in some ways!) And I'll be better about lesson planning.

There's a lot to this that I really want to be able to track. I want to find out how fast teams are progressing on average, what teams aren't doing as well and what teams are doing very well in some areas. This will help me plan better. I know I want students to have very good walking skills, but if they aren't getting proficient with 6 walking lessons in 5 weeks, I might need to up the number of walking lessons during the sessions or maybe I need to change activities and rework those lessons to be more effective.

I've started this project a few times before and given up. But it's time to see things through!

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