Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Training a dog is not difficult..."

"Training a dog is not difficult...just don't make any mistakes"- Guy Penning

One of the many great things I wrote down over the week. Another favorite... "I assure you, when he is clicker trained, he will do it."

Such confidence!

And training a dog really isn't that difficult..... but it's a learning process and unfortunately we can't just "start over" with the dog. That said, there are very few things I would do differently with Griffin if I were to start over. We would do more toy playing and more time training. And a few minor changes. But I'm quite happy with what he's doing and the very small amount of repairing behaviors that I've had to do.

Everything last week fits in so well with what we currently do. I still have two days of notes to type up and then onto compiling related pieces together. I have specific parts to share on the backwards walking, use of training tools, scent articles, and fading the clicker.

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Raegan said...

Training a DOG is not difficult, training a PERSON to train a dog is! :D