Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Stays

We did more stay training and discussion yesterday.

We did a few variations, primarily another person doing the feeding (that took a bit of separate training). We talked about stillness being reinforced in daily life. We talked about an anticipating-stiff-waiting stay vs. a relaxed stay and when one is better than the other.

And I had two people, separately, comment that I spend way more time reinforcing my dogs for motion, esp if I'm talking between sessions. - My- impression was that I'm asking for behaviors, reinforcing those, asking for stillness, reinforcing that, and sometimes releasing from stillness.

Now the challenge is, I'll think about it and won't be doing the usual. So...we'll see.

Despite Griffin's poor stays for duration, he as good stays for distraction, he offers stays (all types!), and understands he should stay when distractions are presented.

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