Friday, May 27, 2011

Seminar Day 6

Lots and lots of obedience. Beautiful stuff. We trained it or talked about many of the exercises.

We saw 4+ be able to, essentially, do scent articles in 2-3 sessions. It was -amazing-. We heard the presenters talk about how they do the signal exercise...and not just do it, but as well as possible. We worked on Griffin holding still (and I have video from one session!).

Playing with the item. Fun silly retrieves. And then letting the dog watch while it's hidden. Dog finds it and reinforce. A session or two of this. And then a few reps of hiding and then one of dog watching you place it in a pile. And out of the 4 dogs I saw....I only saw ONE error when they got to the pile step. ONE error. Megan.....let's see you get back to this with your dog!

We did some talking about DOR. And how to get -the- ideal and speediest retrieve pick up. We did things to work on enthusiasm and maintaining behavior.

It was really great, again. I don't want this event to end! But I can't wait to see how we're doing in a few weeks after doing so much more work!

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