Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Week of Training: Wednesday

  • Heeling: Reinforcing head up. Careful to feed in position. He's nowhere as precise as Griffin but he has a feeling of reliability and long history of practice.
  • No fun and games.

  • Shaping: We were at training group early and as I use these spikey round things for shaping games in class, I thought that I should actually do it with my dog. Unlike student dogs, he really wanted to retrieve it. I got some pawing (while he tried to flip it so he could retrieve it!). And then we tried to get rear feet, he did well with that for about 30 sec and 10+ reinforcements, but then wanted to retrieve it again.
  • Heeling: Figure 8's with real people. He was really beautiful for a bit but then wandered off and didn't want to come back. Eventually he did and was nice. We'll play with this at home wtih various items as the post and to just build duration.
  • Stand for Exam 1: Various people walking past at close distance and reaching. He did quite well.
  • SFE 2: One person touching a lot, we kind of walked up to her. He could do this MUCH better and with fewer errors than above. I worked up to having him start in heel, stand, I walk 6' away, the person walk up and touch. So, essentially a real SFE but wtihout me walking around.
  • Scent 1: His scented tug-wool-ring hidden under cones and when he brought it back I would tug with the preferred disc. There were a LOT of moments of good scenting, at one point he spun in a circle after catching scent and was trying to find it. Horray for using his nose!
  • Scent 2: Tug ring under a cone, cones held down, and when he found the right one and pawed at it, I asked for a sit/down, reinforced with food or tugging. We repeated this several times. He sometimes did well but sometimes was just offering sits or downs at either cone without scenting.

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